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Topic: Riverside Whistles and Bells

Philip Mantione

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Originally released on Petroglyph Music 369

Program Notes (for the Recording)
This recording is not a documentation of the live event (described below). Rather, it is a standalone musical work that is "based on" the live performance. It quickly became obvious to me that creating a documentation that could adequately reproduce the live experience would not be possible due to the complexity of the performance scenario. Once this was decided, I was free to edit, tweak and in some cases replace the sounds from the performance, while remaining true to the durations and temporal placement of events as they occurred. I also employed a sort of subtractive composition technique, in which several events deemed unnecessary were removed.

Original Program Notes (from the Program)

Linda Corbitt will perform live on the FCCR carillon across Mission Inn Avenue, reading from a temporal score that will be synchronized with a live computer performance by Philip Mantione and the FCCR Handbell Choir on the roof of RAM. The computer portion is based on samples of the FCCR carillon, field recordings of the carillon at UCR, the train whistles and sounds that regularly permeate the community, and natural sounds. A live recording of the event is due to be released on Petroglyph Music label next year. 

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