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An Electronic Artist's Music Toolkit

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An Electronic Artist’s Music Toolkit

Free Resources For Artists, By Thomas Park


A LOT Of Free Samples, Many In The Public Domain:



FREE Public Domain Music, Sounds, Images, Documents and More:



A Document To Help Musicians Avoid “Clipping”-- A Common Problem In Digital Audio:



Live Mixing Consoles-- You Can Use These To Perform Live Looping Shows (They Are Public Domain):



Using A Free Suite Of Online Web Applications To Harvest Free Media:



How Do You Promote? A Call To Set Up At A Free Music Site That Is Better Than Facebook:



How To Create A Legacy (What Happens To Your Art When You Die?):



Materials Detailing How To Set Up “TRANSPARENT” Events-- Shows, Parties, Collaborative Concerts, And More, In A Style Of Open And Free Culture:



“Dronelife”-- The Story Of One’ Person’s Creative Journey:



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