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WavemansUnderground 4 hrs EM/Ambient

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WavemansUnderground friday 28th december http://www.underground-aexpaerten.de/Radio1.html or radiosunrise.de 20.00-0.00 / 7-11pm(UK) 2-6pm(US ) CST All tracks in 192/kbps You are welcome in the chat. 

Releases from Syngate, Groove, E-Wooldisc etc. 

2018 was a year from good concerts for Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands aswell United Kingdom with visitors from all directions. 

1. Listen the Groove releases from Ron and Serge and The Return - PERU, and good DJ and musician (ESP)Marc van Oers best one ever "The Chernobyl Disaster" 

2. Belgium hase also very nice releases: NBN, and the triple CD Ambient Nation 5...... who is behind "Earthwave" ?? Listen and you know it
'centipede' Jean-Marc Lederman special selected tracks with vocals!! 
Thanks to Johan Geens who helped me out for a long search(1984) in Film music !

3. Germany is always ready with new releases, BUT !not on label musicians or even mentioned in Schallwelle make the BEST music....... 

Listen the latest WavemansUnderground this year, thank you for joining and Support @Radiosunrise( Underground ÄxpÄrten) 


See playlist here: http://emportal.info/viewtopic.php?t=13553&sid=2f17be6f632d5028c0e3275b60783c56

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