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Topic: Transmuted By by Anantakara

Aural Films

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One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

― Carl Gustav Jung

The first two compositions are darker while the last one brings more lightness, the one that is offered when life returns.

1. Incantations

How to emerge from the cleavage duality by accepting opposites as true each one seen in the totality they constitute. No feminine without masculine, no evil without good, no noise without silence, no day without night. A dynamic wholeness, witness of itself and which cannot be reduced to synthesis or unity.

2. Incandescence

Rubbing against the dark matter to find a transfigured light

3. Initiations

The last piece is a live recording of music composed for choreography. It is made up of several motifs that offered a guideline for dancers who had no other instructions than to let themselves be carried away by the musical proposal, hence the notion of an initiatory journey that spawned coherence in the unknown.

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