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Jack Hertz

Custom Dual MFOS Soundlab Mk II Modular Synthesizer

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Years in the making, the epic journey of the Dual MFOS Soundlab Mk II Modular Synthesizer is complete. Infinite thanks to master builder Louis Pisha (@Sauraen) who did an outstanding job on this custom synth he built for me.


It features two complete Music From Outer Space synthesizers with numerous mods and customizations. I am most excited about the custom LFO modulation interface that will allow me to do all kinds of wonder things with frequency modulated LFOs. Also of note is the oscillators have linear and exponential modulation points for doing up to 4-Op FM synthesis.


Feast your ears on following modules:


4 OSC with FM mod

4 ENV AR with Looping


2 S&H Processors

2 Mixers


2 Attenuators


2 LFO FM mods

2 CV / Gate keyboard interface

2 Audio outputs

2 Audio inputs


You can read the full build thread here http://encyclotronic.com/topic/52-dual-mfos-sound-lab-mini-synth-mark-ii/





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