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Topic: Subterranea Europa by Simon Slator

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On the rare occasions I get the TV all to myself, I occasionally like to indulge in the odd episode of "The Universe". I particularly enjoy episodes about the planets in the Solar System, and if I recall, Jupiter and its moons spanned a whole episode. In that episode, there was a section about Europa, a moon that's theorised to contain an ocean of liquid water under its icy surface.

Now let's imagine what the future holds for this little moon. At some point, many years into the future, mankind has sent a probe to Europa, which has successfully drilled through the surface and into the subterranean ocean below. After the initial scientific exploration, JOVIsion - a video streaming service focused on the Jovian system - sends cameras under the Europan surface for the first time, creating a documentary series on the wonders of its subterranean oceans, from the still blackness of its shallows to the the thermal vents at its depths; teeming with single-cellular life that can survive even on a moon within Jupiter's magnetic and radioactive spheres.

I envisioned such a documentary, which would sit part-way between Jacques Cousteau and David Attenborough, would have a rather minimal-yet-immersive soundtrack to accompany its visuals.

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