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Koka's Pocket Beatbox Pocket-sized Multisampled Drum Machine

Jack Hertz

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Beatbox has a unique tap detection algorithm that allows for a high degree of dynamic accuracy . This means soft taps sound soft , hard taps sound loud! ..and everything in between. Beatbox features a calibration routine and lets you tune the response curve. The incredible dynamic range is made possible by 12-bit ADCs and ruthlessly fast sensor sampling.




You can store and recall multiple kits. For each kit, you can load 16 multisample banks of mono audio samples, for example, recorded at different dynamics. Each of the multisample banks can contain up to 256 mono audio samples . You can choose to load fewer samples for one pad and more samples for another pad - for a total of 4096 samples per kit.

All your kits and samples live on a micro SD card, Beatbox can stream audio directly from SD. With a small side encoder and display you can navigate the menu, design, save and load your kits. Alternatively, you can use your computer and modify your kits by editing JSON files stored on your SD card.



Beatbox gives you 16-voice dynamic polyphony. 16 voices can overlap each other. The 17th voice steals the oldest voice. You need to play pretty fast or use long samples to notice the voice stealing. For longer samples, such as cymbals and bells, you can activate priority mode so that they always play to the end.

You play the Beatbox with your fingers by striking individual pads or combinations of pads. You can disable and enable the combination mode with a side switch or a dual footswitch (not included with the Beatbox). When combination mode is disabled, you are limited to playing four pads (in two scenes), but you can trigger more than one sound at a time.


In addition to the 16 multisample banks, you can load 12 additional synthetic sounds for each kit. The internal synth engine can create sounds inspired by the 808 . The synth engine comes with pre-programmed sounds and built-in randomness. You turn the encoder and the engine generates variations of 808-inspired sounds for you to explore and choose from.

You can preorder your Koka Pocket Beatbox now for at nikoladze.one



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