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Topic: Images Of Saturn

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By this time, Dave Vosh and Ken Moore have been playing live performances for five years. This is Safe Creations' fifth release as a digital download, this time on Anvil Creations' Bandcamp site, so it was not offered for sale (only name-your-price). Ken felt that it was the duo's most ambient project to date, and having been reading about NASA's success story with the space probe Cassini, and its termination after exploring Saturn, he felt that the music on the album best suited the images that were sent back to Earth. Using a picture that Ken took, of an original painting hanging in the studio, a layout was designed for a special packaging using a DVD packaging case. Promo discs were sent out to several radio stations, one of which did give it airplay with a review, including it with "best albums of 2017".

The technique for recording was the same as the previous releases. Dave would do his recordings with a modular synthesizer at his home near Washington D.C., and Ken would add his digital recordings of tam-tams from the Gong Room, located in Ohio. By blending these sounds together, their albums best simulate the live experience that they create when playing sessions at various Baltimore electronic music events. Safe Creations has been performing their unique style of electronic music since 2012, and most of their early recordings can be purchased on the MooreMyers b/c/ site.

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