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Jon Johnson

Topic: Roland Aira System 1 Plug-Out Synthesizer

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The System-1’s oscillators feature both analog and digital amenities that cover a massive range of sonic territory. In addition to the standard analog trinity of saw, pulse, and triangle options, there are multi-stacked “super” variants on all three, so they can also generate modern EDM sounds such as massive chords. As with other Roland synths, there’s a Color knob for each waveform option. In the case of the classic pulse wave, this knob dials in the width of the cycle. For sawtooth and triangle, the effect is distinctly different while still feeling circuit-based. Sweeping the sawtooth wave results in a subtle phase-like effect, while cranking the triangle wave to maximum adds a narrow peak to the actual waveform, resulting in added high frequencies. On all of the “super” waves, the color knob increases the depth and detuning of the effect.

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