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Jack Hertz

Topic: Yamaha DX21

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Your Yamaha DX21 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthsizer incorporates thestate-of-the-art in digital FM tone generation technology, providing extraordinarily vi-brant, rich voices and outstanding playability. The DX21 actually has two FM tone generators, permitting two voices to be combined and played simultaneously, or in a split keyboard configuration. The DX21 has a 32-voice programmable RAM memory from which any voice can be selected at the touch of a button, a built-in 128-voice preset ROM memory from which voices can be called into the RAM memory as desired, 32 special “performance” memories which can be programmed with combinations of voices and some function parameters, and a cassette interface that permits unlimited storage of FM voices. Of course, the DX21 is fully programmable, allowing you to create your
own FM voices or sound effects. Broad MIDI compatibility is also provided so the DX21 can control or be controlled via other MIDI compatible music equipment. To ensure that you gain maximum benefit from all the performance and flexibility provided by the DX21, we urge you to read this owner’s manual thoroughly while actually trying out
all of the available functions.

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