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You Agree to These Terms & Conditions

Please remember that we are not responsible for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message.

By visiting this site you agree to these Terms & Conditions. You are responsible for knowing, following and keeping up to date with these terms as part of your agreement to use this site. 

Encyclotronic Policy

Your safety and security is of paramount importance to us. With so many people using this site every day. We take any hint of a disruption very seriously. We have a zero tolerance for any one or anything that appears to be a threat to the site, its members or breaks the law. Encyclotronic staff can and will, at its sole discretion review, edit or delete any activity on the site that it feels may infringe on these terms, the safety or stability of the site in any way. 

Keep Things Friendly and Nice

All members of the Encyclotronic site are expected to conduct themselves responsibly in a mature and respectful manner, and comply with the board guidelines as outlined here. Depending on the severity of the violation, failure to comply with these guidelines will result in the issuing of a warning and/or banning by a member of the Encyclotronic staff. For this reason, Encyclotronic strictly adheres to a portion of the "PG" content guideline. The PG rating portion is defined as follows:

There may be some profanity and some depictions of violence or brief nudity. But these elements are not deemed so intense as to require that parents be strongly cautioned beyond the suggestion of parental guidance.

As a 13+ age site and you are expected to act like a grown up. Problem members will not be tolerated. Forum policies are not open to your personal interpretation. Just because there is no exact statement that defines what is proper behavior, or not. You may be warned or removed from the community if the staff feels you are behaving in a manor that it finds unacceptable. This is includes but is not limited to:

No personal attacks, disrespectful, derogatory, threatening, profane, insulting or negative comments or images, directed toward any race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, or other group(s), whether direct or indirect, are permitted.

No harassment and/or spamming, either via post, private message, avatar, signature, or via any member contact information listed on Encyclotronic, of any other member(s) is permitted for any reason.

No Trolling, as we strive to ensure that the Encyclotronic site is a positive place for all posters. Do not troll (i.e., posting inflammatory statements and/or images for the sole purpose of inciting an emotional response) either via post, private message, avatar, signature or via any member contact information listed on Encyclotronic.

No explicit images or videos containing adult content (e.g., photographs / illustrations of nudity, gore, graphic violence) should be displayed either via post, unsolicited private message, avatar, chat, gallery, display name, signature or anywhere else on the site visible or not.

No stalking or feuding allowed. Keep all personal conflicts off the board. This includes any disputes with personal relationships, social networks, other sites, rivals, celebrity, professional, or other persons.

Privacy, Piracy and Copyright Infringement

Discussion of piracy and or peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing programs is strongly discouraged, and is not allowed as a primary topic of discussion within the Encyclotronic site. If the topic does arise within an existing thread, it will be permitted as long as no links, direct or indirect, to any such software are posted.

No posting of scanned or copyrighted material is permitted. This includes any material that is currently in print, or which is readily available to purchase at retail. The sole exception to this rule is any scan made and posted by Encyclotronic staff. Only scans by Encyclotronic staff will be allowed, unless they are posted or officially released by the publisher / copyright holder. 

DO NOT post ANY *Private* Message(s), IM conversation(s), email(s), or any other such person-to-person info to the public. Posting any of these is an invasion of privacy. Nobody wants their personal information, of any kind, posted in full view of the public. If it originated in any of these venues, it was not meant to be posted publicly and therefore should remain private. Please remember this, as any such posting(s) will be taken very seriously by the Administrators and Moderators of this message board.

Be Nice To The Site

Do not steal bandwidth. There are many free services available to you to host your images. Please respect others and use your own web space to post images.

When posting in topics please keep all posts related to the topic at hand. A warning message will be posted by a Moderator or Administrator if a thread is getting off topic and will request that a new thread be created to discuss this new topic. A Moderator or Administrator may "split" the thread if necessary in order to keep the original thread on topic and to create a new thread for the new topic.

Tampering, hacking or manipulating the site in ANY way is seen as a threat to the stability of the site. Anyone caught spoofing, disarming, circumventing or using any other means to disable a filter, permission, code or other device meant to remove control from something on the forums will be banned instantly.

Classifieds Terms & Conditions

Everyone loves the Classifieds forum for buying, selling, trading, and discussing auctions. It's a good place to hook up with fellow Encyclotronic members and we want to keep it that way without upsetting our fellow members . We have defined a set of Terms & Conditions for posting in the Classifieds forums that are to be followed by all members who post in these sections on Encyclotronic. Please read these BEFORE you post anything.

We highly recommend checking the Feedback Forum for references before you pay for anything. It is also recommend that you consider an escrow deal and/or use Pay Pal to make your payment as these services can offer some modest level of protection against total fraud.

No buying, selling or trading topics should be posted anywhere but the Classifieds.

Members should not have to read between the ads. Under no circumstances will selling posts be allowed in other areas of the site. Classifieds posts found outside of the Classifieds section, will be moved there by the moderators. Repeat offenders may be warned.

All Postings Must Be Honest, Legal and Safe

We ask that everyone posting here do so with honest, legal and safe intentions. Do not post with the intention of stealing someone's money. Do not post here with items to sell that are not as described - be it condition or authenticity. Do not post items for sale that offer drugs, pornography, dangerous substances or anything else deemed illegal.

Where necessary we will work with the law to handle criminal, illegal or fraudulent activities.

Post Your Electronic Music Items ONLY

Posts offered for sale in the Classifieds should be electronic music related items and services, only. This is not a tool to promote unrelated commercial products and services. Items posted are meant to be sold or traded with another persons on the site here.

Retail Store and Seller Postings

The Classifieds are for person-to-person exchanges only. Posting by retailers or other retail sellers is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Posting of links about store promotions or auctions on eBay.
  • Posting responses repeatedly with highly visible store advertising embedded in the post and/or its signature.
  • Posting links to eBay Stores either your own or another's

No Flaming of Classifieds Sellers

Members are expected to conduct themselves in a mature manner when posting and replying to items for sale or trade in the Classifieds. It is not okay to flame others for what they are selling, the price they are asking for, or anything else that is specific to their offerings. Likewise, it is not okay to use the Classifieds as a platform to defame or slander online retailers.

No Spamming, Promotions or Soliciting Allowed

We do not allow unrelated non-Electronic Music soliciting of any kind. This includes but is not limited to any non-electronic music offers made from one member to other members for purpose of marketing, promoting or selling something outside the Encyclotronic.com domain. 

These terms apply to all activity on the site including but not limited to: member names, signatures, post content, images posted to the galleries, member profiles, actions in the shout box and live chat room.

Any member found to be soliciting directly others may be banned instantly and or their posts or other actions deleted from the site. 

Post Your Feedback!

Please post in the Classifieds Feedback section for every transaction you have in the Classifieds. Post ONLY for the sellers you have done business with. Any attempts to abuse the Classifieds or the Feedback Forum will result in warnings and/or suspension of your account.

Encyclotronic Assumes No Responsibility

Use this site at your own risk. All dialog and exchanges are exclusively between members. We are not responsible for any damages or losses or emotional problems that you may endure as a result of using this site can under no circumstances mitigate or resolve issues between users or other entities that you may find on the site.

Buy, sell, and trade at your own risk. We can under no circumstances mitigate a sale or other deals made here in the Classifieds, or anywhere else on the site. All transactions are the responsibility of the parties involved. Encyclotronic Assumes No Responsibility for bad transactions.

WARNINGS / SANCTIONS: What it all means.

- Upon the receipt of three (3) warnings, said member will be immediately placed on Moderation for a period deemed appropriate by the enforcer, during which time their posts will be subject to inspection and approval by the staff, prior to public viewing.

- Upon the receipt of four (4) warnings, said member will be immediately temporarily Suspended for a period deemed appropriate by the enforcer, during which time they will lose the capability to post, read, or otherwise interact with the Encyclotronic site.

- Upon the receipt of five (5) warnings, said member will be immediately banned from the Encyclotronic site.

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