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    On February 4, 2017, Michael LaGrega and C. Goff III got together at LaGrega's studio in Leawood, Kansas, to record some percussion improvisations. They planned to refine these recordings into edits akin to sonic skeletal supports, on which musical accompaniments could be hung at a later date. The battery of instrumentation used in this session included a wide variety of percussion instruments and non-instruments, some synthesized percussive sound generators, and a few electronic sound modifiers. Of all the recordings produced that day, only the one offered here possessed qualities that distinguished it as a complete work that could stand on its own. An edit of this piece was provided to Scott Raymond in June, 2017, for airplay on WVKR in Fishkill, New York. Goff produced the version presented here in April, 2018. Is this Fourth World music? Or perhaps Fifth World music? Only the listener will know...
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    Recorded and Mixed at Duncan MacKay's private studio on Allen & Heath Studio equipment during August 1980.
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    " 1. Galdrastafir are Icelandic and appear from around 1400 through to 1800 (late middle-age to early modern period). Most are from the 17th century, and there are hundreds of them. 2. They borrow concepts from pagan times, from Vikings, from Norse / Nordic gods, myths and folklore, and from runic characters, but they also reflect issues current for their times and both pagan and Christian beliefs. It is likely that Galdrastafir gained popularity in Iceland after other symbols were seen in middle-age grimoires from mainland Europe. 3. Since 1800 CE, Galdrastafir have been drawn and redrawn, often in compilations, and on many occasions done with missing or added elements that change how they originally looked. "
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    The title “Vibrate Higher” taken from a Thelonious Monk quote. Celebrates his 100th anniversary of individualistic creativity and progressive vision for new horizons in music. While, am I not comparing myself to Monk, or looking to present work in his style. I do find myself compelled to explore the question - What can we be doing in this spirit as artists today? Continuing with the process I began on the MODULATOR album. This suite of new recordings is part of an on-going journey to explore this question.
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    The name of this album translates to "God Bless America" in English. Each piece is an unrehearsed improvisation. The United States currently allows its citizens to create and share experimental audio artworks. One and all are encouraged to celebrate this album today, because who knows what might happen to it tomorrow? Track 1, English Translation: "the biggest crowd ever" Recorded January 2, 2018 Kansas City, Kansas, USA Track 2, English Translation: "very stable genius" Recorded January 17, 2018 Kansas City, Kansas, USA Track 3, English Translation: "no collusion" Recorded January 2, 2018 Kansas City, Kansas, USA Track 4, English Translation: "grab them by the pussy" Recorded January 5, 2018 Kansas City, Kansas, USA Instruments And Electronics: Korg R3 Vocoder/Synthesizer Micro Moog Analog Synthesizer Voice Five Below Modified Electronic Sound Generator Ibanez DM 1000 Digital Delay Boss RC-20XL Loop Station Loop Duplicator Diane The Mannequin Hand Copyright 2018 by Taped Rugs Productions www.tapedrugs.com