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    A Single Hub For All Of Thomas Park's Media: "Benchmark: Hub": https://archive.org/details/ThomasParkBenchmarkHub
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    Any djs or broadcasters out there interesting in audio copies of my project documentaries? If so, here they are: https://archive.org/details/ThomasParkDocumentaryAudio
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    A Documentary Of The New Industrial Movement-- Short But Active:
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    A mini-dcoumentary about my netlabel, "Treetrunk Records", with some examples of the music there: The documentary is available for streaming now, and is scheduled to appear in downloadable form in the forthcoming 400th Release on Treetrunk Records. Special thanks to all who have contributed and listened over the years.
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    When good synths go bad, things can only get rrrrrrandomerrrrr. Play this at differrrrrrrrrent speeds for morrrrrrrre.
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    Electronic Trick Or Treat All Hallows Eve Sound Collage Improvs... Got a desire to disorient your guests with disturbing sounds while ringing in this year's ghoul tide? These recordings from Herd Of The Ether Space, Turkey Makes Me Sleepy, Disism, Goff, are free tickets to the fun house: Lacing The Candy Disquietude Cute Little Devils Explosion Of Pedigreed Bunk Locust Hocus Pocus Plenty more here: Taped Rugs Halloween Candy
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    Now and then, someone asks me, "What kind of music do you make"? I have taken some time to create an 8-minute documentary detailing many of my main achievements as mystified, my 15-year ambient drone project. What can be accomplished in 15 years of hard work? Have a watch and a listen:
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    The next revolution in Synthesis - Delayed implementation of effects (as occurs in vibrato effects) and it's extension into a manifestation of attack and release functions on every synthesis process. ... Design the virtual synths and I will test them