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    George Orwell Meets 2017's USA Ride The Train Of Dissonance To "Untopia" Our hero, Glarmen Glamours, takes on today's Big Brother with sound collage and dramatic electro-acoustical vigor. Curious? Click the Pic Below and Go: Untopia The first review is already in (quote Gerbil Bliss...) The perfect soundtrack to Washington crazy. Tired of trying to apply logic to the sh*t going down in our federal and state governments? Here's a soundtrack of a response. The Universe help us all! Enjoy while we still have an open Title II regulated Internet.
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    Wait for the little creatures to come out...
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    From the debut release of Model 201, a musical act by Thomas Park that only uses sounds extracted from old analog cassettes as source material. Get the audio here: https://mystified.bandcamp.com/album/series-1-model-201