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    EHX introduces the 95000 Performance Loop Laboratory, the company’s most advanced looper to date, featuring six mono tracks and one stereo mixdown track per loop. It will record up to 375 minutes and 100 loops with a 16GB Micro SD card and switching between loops is quick and easy. The new 95000 is housed in a rugged, aluminum, all metal chassis with a control layout that has been optimized for use as both a tabletop and foot-pedal unit. This new design ensures that the player can take maximum advantage of the looper’s powerful performance capabilities. The 95000 also features a robust I/O including two audio inputs, each capable of handling a microphone (phantom power is included), instrument or unbalanced line input so the unit can readily connect to all sound sources. Left / right outputs, a Monitor out and a Headphone Out are included. Quick Specs Import / export .WAV files to MAC or PC via the built-in USB port TAP Button allows you to set loop BPM Quantize or non-quantize (free running) recording modes Speed adjust over a 2-octave range Overdub or punch in / out recording Reverse playback and recording Loop progress may be displayed in Bar/Beat format Expression pedal control over loop volume Left/right outputs, Monitor Out, Headphone Output EHX 9.6DC-200 PSU included Read more at https://www.ehx.com/products/95000
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    I love the IIp and the IIIp with sequencers wing. IIIp used on stage mainly by Klaus Schulze and Christopher Franke. Pict 1 : the IIIP + Seq @ Abbey Road studio (Beatles era) Pict II : a 1972 IIIp (+ Sequencers wing on the right)