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    Yes, lots of space, lots of time, is it worth it? When I moved to KS from CA back in 96, I left nearly every reel-to-reel tape (hundreds) and my reel-to-reel recorders with my CA collaborators -- big mistake... One died, sadly, and I don't know what happened to his collection. Another sold his set at a flea market... Sheesh... Anyway, I've still got many large boxes full of cassettes, including tapes with most of the raw materials from which albums were hatched. I still go back and find hidden gems in these, so YES, this is worth it. As for digital recordings, I do have disks with some raw materials on them, but most of that stuff now gets deleted once master edits are created from them. I have made about 300 albums over the years. All the master files, including cover art, out takes, etc., are stored on external hard drives and on DVDs (both places for each item). The albums themselves are also all backed up on CDRs. Same is true for videos and photographs/graphics and literature (I do a lot of types of art). Every year I go through my computer to make disk copies of everything I did over the previous 12 months or so. I'm actually working on this year's collection right now. It usually takes several hours of several days to complete. Also, most of my recordings and videos are available on the internet at archive.org in some form, so if the tornado hits my house, that's another safeguard for preserving my work in some way. I figure of all the places on the internet, the archive has been around the longest and seems like the best that the net offers in terms of longevity (it's also free to use, YEAH!). Yes, all the disks and tapes take up space, and sometimes I get confused about where things are, but I've got peace of mind about all this. I'm guessing that all the hard copies will be trashed after my passing, and some day the internet archive will become obsolete -- but I also know that in the big picture, the sun's gonna blow up like a balloon and swallow the earth one day, and I'm guessing the rest of the universe might be thinking "good riddance" when that happens. Good luck with your archiving! I hope whatever solution you come up with gives you peace of mind and leaves a little space in your house for you to live in too...