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    Great to have another mallet controller on the market...and especially the price! wow! Huge undercut on Alternate Mode (and Buchla... not sure if they still make their mallet instrument). Ive been playing a malletkat since the 90s. Unfortunately they are a bit susceptible to humidity and I'm in a high humidity area. Ive had to send it in to AM a couple times and it's currently not working properly again. Hopefully this model will have better defences against humidity. I like the extra (optional) bars in the accidental keys. A very cool option to have...though I might color it or mark it to avoid confusion. Would be cool for triggering other sounds or chords while soloing, and lotsa other possibilities. Also the extra controls on the right are a huge plus too. I kinda dislike the look of using the drum cymbal stands as a stand. I think Pearl should have used that system for mounting, which is great for adding to a rack like the vibes above, but created something a little more aesthetically pleasing and unique that complements this great creation.. of course just my .02$. But it could easily be mounted (I think) on any kind of keyboard stand laying flat..so not a deal buster or anything. The playing surface will be crucial. Looks like a hard surface. Couldn't imagine it would be though. But at any rate, the feel and action will be a crucial point. Some people mention it didnt have all the midi inputs. I haven't seen the specs. But I personally love the USB option. That's another sweet feature the others don't have. I think this is going to put a dent on Alternate Mode's malletkat. More competition is a good thing though.
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    I recently found one of these at a thrift sale held for a local church. https://www.discogs.com/Kecak-Kecak/release/9559867 It appears to have been produced in the 1960's, but unsure. There's no album notes at all, not even a mention that Kecak is Balinese music. It features some extremely complex vocal arrangements from a huge group of people. If anyone knows anything about this tape, I'd love more info.
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    The story of Nonsuch's world music albums can be best summed up by David Lewiston's life story. One of the early producers of World music. He passed away in May of this year. There's an excellent memorial to him on the Nonsuch site: http://www.nonesuch.com/journal/david-lewiston-musical-explorer-dies-88-2017-05-30 For me, growing up in suburban Maryland. Nonesuch was one of the few labels that released stuff I knew I never heard before. Believe it or not, I found "Silver Apples of a Moon" at a shopping mall record store.
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    A great resource for music from Indonesia and surrounding islands in the South Pacific. http://www.auralarchipelago.com/
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    Excellent. Just what I am looking for.
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    I was very lucky in 1995 to spend a weekend with Mamady Keita and troupe studying traditional West African djembe music. After just two days, my lead djembe playing went to the next level. Mamady has become quite the ambassador for the djembe worldwide.
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    Not a bad idea. I should look into taking some lessons.
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