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    Great pack, instantly wrote a little jam with my FM Volca.
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    Raymond Scott special on this week's Deprogramming Center broadcast. Features Scott music plus some Scott tributes, including pieces by Encyclotronic's own Jack Hertz and Jon Johnson. Live on KOWS, 12 AM Saturday (midnight Friday) USA Pacific Daylight Time here: KOWS if this appointment is inconvenient, a (p)replay is available here for the next month or so... Deprogramming Center #44
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    My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts - Brian Eno + David Byrne
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    Thanks for your reply! I tranfered really easily files to Volca FM using this web application that lets you transfer syx files to the synth online. Highly recommended! https://www.retrokits.com/rk002/settings/kfm/patches.html
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    Memories From the Don Buchla Memorial Concert
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    Yes! Listened and enjoyed, thanks for posting. Interesting that this audio preview does not appear on the regular BASTA soundcloud site -- I assume you have some special access to secret soundcloud posts. Funny that you posted this right now, since I am in fact right now working on the Scott radio show set list... should be broadcast next Friday night on KOWS if all goes as planned. I'm not an expert on this subject by any means, but instead have only this year began to really explore the man's revolutionary productions and inventions, much due to your promotional activities Mr. Hertz -- I owe you a debt of many thanks for this, many thanks many thanks many thanks. More details on the show next week.
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    I just added a little preview if you wanna listen.
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    Easily the best of the early lo-fi samplers. Yamaha did a great job of designing a sampler that had a lot of great features and is easy to use. Always good for hours of fun and sampling discovery. I will never sell this thing.
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    Totally changed my view of music. I gave it a 5, one of the few that deserves it.
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    ROLI Seaboard Block Super Powered Keyboard
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    Amazing to get these Patches. Thank you very much!!!
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    Cities In Fog - J. Greinke
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    Try it now with the Standard VoiceBank file I just added to the downloads. Seems to be working.
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    Ah, how wonderful. I've been listening quite a bit to the Aural Films Scott Bio of late, as well as to some of his baby music albums, and all that listening has got me sort of preparing to do a special on Mr. S. on an upcoming Deprogramming Center radio broadcast. It will likely be on air before this new album comes out. I'll keep all you Encyclotronitians posted when and where. thanks for sharing the good news...!
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    First of all I’d like to introduce Mathias Grassow to those who don’t know so much about him yet: Mathias was born in 1963 and grew up in Wiesbaden, Germany. After first musical steps with drums and guitar in the late 1970s he started to get involved in e