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    On February 4, 2017, Michael LaGrega and C. Goff III got together at LaGrega's studio in Leawood, Kansas, to record some percussion improvisations. They planned to refine these recordings into edits akin to sonic skeletal supports, on which musical accompaniments could be hung at a later date. The battery of instrumentation used in this session included a wide variety of percussion instruments and non-instruments, some synthesized percussive sound generators, and a few electronic sound modifiers. Of all the recordings produced that day, only the one offered here possessed qualities that distinguished it as a complete work that could stand on its own. An edit of this piece was provided to Scott Raymond in June, 2017, for airplay on WVKR in Fishkill, New York. Goff produced the version presented here in April, 2018. Is this Fourth World music? Or perhaps Fifth World music? Only the listener will know...
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    What a fantastic and beautiful piece of synth history. The keyboard in the black and white picture is a Casiotone CT-6000, an instrument I'm familiar with as I own one and enjoy it quite much. Besides being MIDI compatible, its keys are velocity-sensitive and it even has aftertouch. It's a heavy keyboard, with a metal chassis like those of professional synthesizers. Around 14,5kg, I think, similar to a DX7. If I'm not mistaken, this Cosmo Synthesizer was made around 1984 for Tomita, so it makes sense that the CT-6000 would be the controller, I guess.