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Klaus Schulze: Linzer Stahlsinfonie

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    1980-09-08 Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria

    Date: 09 September 1980
    Event: Ars Electronica 1980 (an annual art festival)
    Venue: Brucknerhaus
    City: Linz
    Country: Austria

    Since 1979 the "Ars Electronica" is a famous annual art festival in Linz, Austria with exhibitions, discussions, events, and concerts.

    It was the opening concert announced as "LINZER STAHLSINFONIE from Klaus Schulze, Steelworkers and Machines of the VOEST-ALPINE steelwork". The names of the involved steelworkers were Adolf Gabriel, Ferdinand Hieslmair, Walter Obermühlner, Erich Slavik, Franz Stütz and Helmuth Wagner.

    Overall concept by KS, Hubert Bognermayr, Dr. Hannes Leopoldseder and Ulli A. Rützel.
    Video realization by KS, Claus Cordes, Alwin Sauter, Alois Sulzer and Bruno Wirlitsch.

    During the concert sounds and pictures of the steelwork were broadcast into the concert hall on a screen. Also, a computer animated video was shown during the performance.

    Klaus met Robert Moog and Wendy Carlos at the festival, all participating as judges for an electronic music newcomer competition.
    Type: Live / Concert
    Year: 2016
    Total Time: 62:22
    Styles: Ambient, Berlin, Experimental, Symphonic
    Formats: DVD
    Liscense: Copyright
    Klaus Schulze
    Thomas "Tommy" Betzler
    Adolf Gabriel
    Ferdinand Hieslmair
    Walter Obermühlner
    Erich Slavik
    Franz Stütz
    Helmuth Wagner
    Director: Ks, Hubert Bognermayr, Dr. Hannes Leopoldseder Ulli A. Rützel
    Packge Design:
    KS, Claus Cordes, Alwin Sauter, Alois Sulzer Bruno Wirlitsch
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