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The Magic Egg: A Computer Odyssey

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    "The Magic Egg: A Computer Odyssey" is an all-computer animated film from 1984 with an all-synthesized soundtrack by Michael Boddicker.

    The production of this film that has a number of historic aspects to It. Originally debuted at SIGGRAPH, on Sunday, July 22, 1984 at the Omni Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota. The film was adopted to the Omni Max theaters format where it was a feature shown at their unique dome-shaped theaters around the world. The Omni Max projection method made it possible to project a film onto the inside of a dome. This explains the odd juxtaposition and patterns that appear in the 2-D videos you may see.

    The project aim was to compile a showcase of the most cutting edge 3-D computer graphics being made at the time. Much of it still in early stages of development by Universities and researchers. The project inspired a number of new ideas in presenting computer animations as well as rendering and transferring of them to film. The least of which, was one of the first all computer and synthesizer films ever to be made.
    Type: Theater
    Year: 1984
    Total Time: 15 mins
    Styles: Berlin, Industrial, Progressive
    Formats: Digital / Download
    Liscense: Copyright
    Music By Michael Boddicker
    Peter Jurgensen
    Arthur J. Olson Ph. D
    Al Barr
    Gary Lorig
    John Aldag
    Bruce J. Lindbloom
    Steven Legensky
    James A Squires
    Vibeke Sornesen
    And Many More
    Director: Eddie Garrick
    Producer: Eddie Garrick, Mike Day, Joel Orlan, Cal Kirchof
    Soundtrack: Michael Boddicker
    Editor: Michael Ornstien Garage Montage
    Cinematography: Dicomed Corporation
    Studio: Garrickfilm Productions
    Distributor: Media Magic
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