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The Touring Principle '79 - Gary Numan

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    11 Songs Performed Live by electric rock pioneer Gary Numan. Features: Cars - ME Disconnect From You - M.E. - We Are So Fragile - Every Day I Die - Conversations - Remember I was Vapour - On Broadway - Down in the Park - My Shadow In Vain - Are Friends Electric - Tracks - The Touring Principle 1979 was shoe on Gary Numan's highly successful European tour, shortly after his singles Are Friends Electric and Cars both included here, had made him a major international star. This tour featured spectacular stage and dramatic light effects and is augmented here with a variety of video generated images which supplement the themes of his music.

    Recorded at London's Hammersmith Odeon on 28 September 1979. This concert was originally released as the first ever music video-cassette and that original film, featuring the 'special effects' of the time, has been included in this DVD as a bonus feature along with an exclusive Numan interview about the 1979 tour. However, the main feature on this DVD is taken from the original master before any 'effects' were added. Digitally remastered along with the audio, this represents the definitive document of Gary Numan's visionary show.
    Content Notes:
    1 Me! I Disconnect From You
    2 M.E.
    3 We Are So Fragile
    4 Everyday I Die
    5 Conversation
    6 Remember I Was Vapour
    7 On Broadway
    8 Down In The Park
    9 My Shadow In Vain
    10 Are 'Friends' Electric ?
    11 Tracks
    Type: Live / Concert
    Year: 1979
    Total Time: 2:08:00
    Styles: Progressive, Space Rock, Synth-Pop
    Formats: DVD, VHS
    Liscense: Copyright
    Gary Numan (Vocals)
    Paul Gardinder (Bass)
    Chris Payne (Keyboards, Viola)
    Cedric Sharpley (Drums)
    Billie Currie (Keyboards, Violin)
    Rrussell Bell (Guitar, Percussion)
    1. 1979 The Touring Principle '79 ‎(VHS, PAL) Palace Video PVC 3002B UK
    2. 1981 The Touring Principle '79 ‎(Beta, NTSC) Warner Home Video IN 4021 US
    3. 2009 The Touring Principle '79 ‎(DVD-V, RE, RM, PAL) Mortal Records MORTALDVD006 UK
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