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Björk ‎– Inside Björk

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    A Documentary About Iceberg Lagoon, Reykjavik Childhood, Punk And Surrealism, Early Bands, Song Stories And Sonic Experiments, Images, Beats, Nature, Classical Influences, Musicals, Microbeats And Arctic Passion Amongst Other Things...

    This documentary follows the career of innovative singer/songwriter Björk. The film looks at her early musical career with local Icelandic bands, her acclaimed stint in the Sugarcubes, and her massive success as a free-spirited solo artist. Interviews with friends and contemporaries such as Thom Yorke of Radiohead, Missy Elliott, and many others round out this in-depth look at the utterly unique songstress.

    Inside Björk also features interviews with Sean Penn, Lars von Trier, Thom Yorke, Beck, RZA, Elton John, Missy Elliott, the late Alexander McQueen and more on their thoughts of Björk and her impact on music and culture. The documentary coincided with the release of the Greatest Hits album, and had previously been seen on some television networks at the end of 2002. It was commissioned by One Little Indian to make up for the fact that Björk was beginning to do fewer interviews than had been previous. Two small new live performances are included in the documentary, "Generous Palmstroke" performed with Zeena Parkins and an organ version of "The Anchor Song" played in an Icelandic church.
    Content Notes:
    1. Introduction (Song: Human Behaviour – Live at Royal Opera House)
    2. Iceberg Lagoon (Song: It's Not Up To You)
    3. Reykjavík Childhood
    4. First Album
    5. Early Bands
    6. Punk and Surrealism
    7. The Sugarcubes (Song: Birthday)
    8. 808 State (Song: Ooops (Mellow Birds mix))
    9. The Anchor Song (Song: The Anchor Song (Um Akkeri) on a church organ)
    10. Debut
    11. Big Time Sensuality
    12. Violently Happy
    13. Venus as a Boy
    14. Musical characters and song stories
    15. Isobel
    16. Sonic experiments (Song: Enjoy – Live at Shepherds Bush Empire)
    17. Image
    18. Homogenic
    19. Bachelorette (Live in Cambridge)
    20. Jóga
    21. Beats
    22. Pluto
    23. Nature
    24. Hunter
    25. Classical influences
    26. Musicals
    27. Dancer in the Dark
    28. Vespertine (Song: Hidden Place)
    29. Microbeats / Matmos
    30. Arctic Passion (Songs: Aurora, Pagan Poetry)
    31. Generous Palmstroke (Live performance with Zeena Parkins)
    32. Credits
    Type: Documentary
    Year: 2003
    Total Time: 42:00
    Styles: Ambient, EBM, Experimental, Industrial, Synth-Pop
    Formats: DVD
    Liscense: Copyright
    Alexander Mcqueen
    Elton John
    Lars Von Trier
    Missy Elliott
    Sean Penn
    Thom Yorke
    Director: Christopher Walker
    Soundtrack: Björk
    Studio: One Little Indian
    Distributor: Universal Music K.K.
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