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Dub Echoes: A Definitive Documentary Of Dub Music From Its Jamaican Roots To Electronic Music Worldwide

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    “Dub Echoes” is a documentary that traces the origins of the Jamaican dub music and it’s influence on the development of hip hop and electronic music.The film shows how the Jamaican invention called dub ended up influencing much of the music we hear today, from electronic music to hip-hop, transforming the studio in a musical instrument and giving way to all of sonic experiments.

    At first, one might think that reggae and dance music don’t have much to do with each other. But that’s a false perception. Through interviews with over 40 key names on the history of dub, electronic music and hip hop, "Dub Echoes" connects the dots between of the otherwise fragmented relation between all this genres.

    Key names, from both reggae and the electronic music world, talk about the birth of this genre, how it helped to change the way we perceive music and how it’s presence can still be felt today. Just follow the bass lines!

    “Dub Echoes” was produced by a Brazilian crew, in Kingston (Jamaica), London (UK), NY, Washington, LA (US), Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (Brazil).
    Content Notes:
    1. Dub Echoes Film
    2. Analog Vs. Digital
    3. Dancehall Vibes
    4. Dub Recognition
    5. Dub Love
    6. Dub Plates & MP3s
    7. Trailer
    Type: Documentary
    Year: 2008
    Total Time: 1:15:00
    Styles: EBM, Experimental, Glitch, Industrial, Progressive, Synth-Pop, Techno
    Formats: DVD
    Liscense: Copyright
    Adam Freeland
    Adrian Sherwood
    Aniruddha Das
    Bill Laswell
    Brian Nordhoff
    Bunny Lee
    Danny Williamson
    Dave Taylor
    David Dewaele
    David Katz
    Dennis Bovell
    Dj Rhettmatic
    Dj Spooky
    Don Letts
    Eric Hilton
    Glyn Bush
    Greg Dreadzone
    Gussie Clarke
    Gustavo Black Alien
    Howie B.
    J. Rocc
    Jason O'brian
    Jorge Du Peixe
    King Jammy
    Lee 'Scratch' Perry
    Lloyd Barnes
    Lowell 'Sly' Dunbar
    Lúcio Maia
    Marcelo Yuka
    Mario Caldato Jr.
    Neil Fraser
    Neil Perch
    Peter Kruder
    Rebel Mc
    Robbie Shakespeare
    Roberto Cimarosti
    Rob Garza
    Rodney Manuva
    Simon Franks
    Simon Ratcliffe
    Stephen Dewaele
    Steve Barrow
    Steve Goodman
    Tom Dinsdale
    Victor Axelrod
    Director: Bruno Natal
    Editor: Júlio Adler, Daniel Ferro, Rafael Mellin
    Cinematography: Bruno Natal
    Studio: Soul Jazz Records
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Shane Morris

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This is one is a long time coming! I've been a huge dub fan since 1988. I CAN NOT wait to see this!

Yeah dubstep comes out of a fusion of dub and 2-step/drum n bass.. combined and called dub-step. My livetronic band , Eckobase, was doing dubstep and dub back when the genre was just getting started in the early 00s.

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Jack Hertz

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This is the DOC on DUB. It covers everything with everyone. The film very carefully explains Dub's roots, founders, technology and influence on Electronic Music and the world.

I was also shocked to find dubstep is Dub. Sorry, Robin.

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