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GRINDSTONE REDUX is the story of the underground music network of the 1980s?and how it transformed the music business. In response to an industry with a narrow spectrum of work being released and promoted, artists decided to self-publish and distribute before the internet made it commonplace.

The advent of affordable recording equipment, synthesizers and photocopiers made it possible for musicians and bands to form a network by producing home recordings and exchanging them through the mail. For the first time, musicians were able to produce and distribute their work without a major record company.

They formed their own record labels, produced independent magazines and began the first generation of radio shows devoted to independently-released music. The network was supported by small, independent record stores (which have all but disappeared) where musicians could place their work for sale, as well as discover other like-minded artists and 'zines.


Type: Documentary
Year: 2009
Total Time: 60
Styles: Ambient, Electroacoustic, Experimental, Industrial, Minimal, Musique Concrète, Noise, Progressive, Ritual, Soundtrack, Synth-Pop
Formats: DVD, Stream
Liscense: Copyright
Al Margolis
Andrew Szava-Kovats
Charles Goff Iii
Chris Phinney
Christopher Elston
Don Campau
Jeff Chenault
Mark Lane
Mikhail Bohonus
Randy Greif
Director: Andrew Szava-Kovats
Producer: Andrew Szava-Kovats
Editor: Andrew Szava-Kovats
Studio: True Age Media
Distributor: Snag Films
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