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Haack - The King of Techno

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The story of Bruce Haack is one of the most unusual and inspiring tales to ever enliven the world of popular music. In the 1960s and 1970s Haack set about recording a series of children's albums that bucked the trend for wishy-washy sentimentalism, and instead incorporated some edgy, experimental, and decidedly oddball concepts.

The albums were very popular, picking up a cult following amongst adults, as well as the younger audience for which the records were originally aimed. Haack's experimental nature saw him eventually leaving the children's genre behind, and making several albums of his own music, such as HAACKULA and ELECTRIC LUCIFER.

This documentary from Philip Anagnos shines a light on Hacck's unique career, illustrating how his forays into the avant-garde proved highly influential over musicians such as Beck, the Beastie Boys, and a plethora of electronic and hip hop based artists. Celebrity testimonials come thick and fast throughout, as does some incredible vintage footage of Haack demonstrating his art on various television shows.


Type: Documentary
Year: 2005
Total Time: 70:00
Styles: Disco, EBM, Experimental, Progressive
Formats: DVD
Liscense: Copyright
Bruce Haack
Esther Nelson
Ted Pandel
Chris Kachulis
Chris Albertson
Harry Spiridakis
John Spiridakis
Peter Cor
Greg Carripedes
Andi Toma
Jean-Jacques Perrey
Jan St. Werner
Tommy Grenas
Rossie Harris
Craig Borell
Tim Digulla
David Gardner
Mark Oliver Everett
Money Mark
Garry Moore
Fred Rogers
Teresa Brewer
Chris Manak
Cut Chemist
Director: Philip Anagnos
Producer: Philip Anagnos, Arthur Maturo, Melanie Blythe, Nick Anagnos
Editor: Philip Anagnos, Kyle Yaskin
Cinematography: Philip Anagnos
Studio: Seventh Art
Distributor: KOCH Vision
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Jack Hertz


This documentary is a brisk overview of Bruce Haak's music career. Relying mostly on interviews and personal accounts from colleges, friends, and fans. It is filled with stories about his many innovative accomplishments, performances, as well as some of his downturns. Are informative of Haak's life, as a person. However, for an electronic music pioneer. It was disappointing to find little focus on the technical side of his work. His most important contributions to music composition, production, and electronic instruments are hardly looked at in this film

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