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IMAfiction portrait #04 09 - Eliane Radigue

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    Eliane Radigue has been composing electronic music since the 1960s . She is one of the most important and innovative composers of the 21st century. As the only French composer of her generation, Radigue can be described as both a pioneer of electronic music and minimal music.

    Her music resembles a slow current that moves through dense, barely perceptible sound changes. A timeless architectonics of deep sounds that appeal not only to the mind or to the hearing, but to the whole body. A music that carries you away as soon as you immerse yourself in it. A music that has the enormous subtlety of the sound of the sea. Emmanuel Holterbach (Translated from the English by Gina Mattiello)

    supported by lower austrian culture, bm: ukk, ars electronica, ORF upper austria and federal chancellery: austria

    Eliane Radigue was awarded a Golden Nica in the category Digital Musics of Prix Ars Electronica 2006, international competition for CyberArts.

    The ORF produced a documentary TV programm about Eliane Radigue (© 2006 Ars Electronica GmbH / Prix Ars Electronica & ORF – Austrian Broadcasting Company) and friendly provided this material for the IMA fiction portrait #04.
    Content Notes:
    Interviews by Cornelia Primosch and Daniela Swarowsky
    Type: Documentary
    Year: 2006
    Total Time: 14:43
    Styles: Ambient, Drone, Minimal
    Formats: Digital / Download
    Purchase URL:
    [+] https://ima.or.at/en/dvd/" title="Visit Web Site" target=site>ima.or.at
    Liscense: Copyright
    Eliane Radigue
    Producer: Study And Musical Achievement Group
    Editor: Anais Prosaic, Elena Tikhonova
    Cinematography: Sepp Thoma, Anais Prosaic
    Sound: Henri Roux
    Studio: The ORF
    Packge Design:
    Edith Schild
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