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Kraftwerk Pop Art

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    How a group of reclusive Rhineland experimentalists became a hugely influential pop group, featuring live footage, analysis, newsreel and cinematic evocations of their obsessions.With contributions from techno pioneer Derrick May*, Can founder Holger Czukay, DJ and remixer Francois Kevorkian** graphic design guru Neville Brody, writer Paul Morley, band photographer Peter Boettcher, Tate Modern curator Caroline Wood and others.
    Content Notes:
    06:01 Computerworld
    08:29 Derrick May*
    19:40 Autobahn
    26:06 Trans Europe express
    28:36 D-train & Francis Kervorkian**
    32:14 Numbers
    37:00 Derrick May*
    38:15 Pocket Calculator
    40:30 The Robots
    Type: Documentary, Live / Concert
    Year: 2015
    Total Time: 1:00:00
    Styles: Disco, Space Rock, Synth-Pop
    Formats: Television
    Liscense: Copyright
    Caroline Wood
    Derrick May
    Francois Kevorkian
    Holger Czukay
    Neville Brody
    Paul Morley
    Peter Boettcher
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