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Revolution of Sound - Tangerine Dream

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Edgar Froese, Tangerine Dream's bandleader and pioneer of electronic music, is looking for the ultimate sound all his life. The constant search leads him and his band members to worldwide success up to the Hollywood studios of Los Angeles. With his death in January 2015, Edgar Froese leaves 48 years of music history.

The film shows previously unreleased film footage, shot by the bandleader personally: For the first time we see the band behind the scenes, both on tours in Europe and America, as well as the photo shoot with Jim Rocket or the holiday by the sea. Records and interviews with his wife Bianca Froese-Acquaye, with band members, close associates and artist friends trace the unique band story of "Tangerine Dream": a homage to the musician Edgar Froese and the era of electronic music.


Content Notes:
They used synthesizers in a time when it was just a small side issue. They incorporated sounds from outer space and heartbeats in their revolutionary and unconventional sound and enriched countless classic movies with their unique soundtrack: They are TANGERINE DREAM!
Type: Documentary
Year: 2017
Total Time: 1:30:00
Styles: Ambient, Berlin, Industrial, Minimal, Space Rock, Symphonic
Formats: Digital / Download, DVD
Liscense: Copyright
Dgar Froese
Peter Baumann
Christoph Franke
Johannes Schmoelling
Director: Margarete Kreuzer
Producer: Margarete Kreuzer
Soundtrack: Tangerine Dream
Editor: Volker Gehrke, Lukas Schmid
Cinematography: Jaron Henrie-McCrea, Henning Brümmer, Klaus Sturm
Sound: André Bendocchi-Alves, Stefan Klein, Timur El Rafie, Edmond Smith, Lenin de los Reyes
Studio: TAG/TRAUM Filmproduktion
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