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dahaam by Martin Neuhold

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    „dahaam“ (Austrian word for „at home“) is sort of a soundtrack to a memory movie. My father was born in Kärnten (southern Austria) and in my childhood days, we used to go there quite often. It always felt like going home, especially as I was a bit of an outsider in the town where we lived. This year, I spent my holidays there and the feeling of „coming home“ was still there. I decided to try to turn my memories and feelings into music and as I had my iPad with me, started right there to do it.

    Notes on the tracks:

    The Seebach is a small river running behind the house of my relatives. We used to swim in there and I spent a lot of time there, thinking about this and that and watching the water roll by.

    St. Andrae is the name of the small village where my relatives live and where we spent many summers. Today it’s a part of Villach.

    Landskron is an old castle above that town with a great view. This track goes back to the memory of a cloudy and foggy day when I looked down at St. Andrae in the mist. My friend Wolfgang Gsell added some perfect sounds to this track.

    The Heiligenkreuzkirche (church of the holy cross) is a church in Villach that fascinated me when I was a child (and still does).

    The Gerlitzen is a mountain near Villach, a wonderful place with a great view, a place where you are above it all and can get your mind clear of everything.
    Track Listings:
    1. Seebach 06:17
    2. St Andrae 06:28
    3. Landskron (feat. Wolfgang Gsell) 08:36
    4. Heiligenkreuzkirche 08:29
    5. Gerlitzen 12:39
    Artist Name(s):
    Martin Neuhold: iPad synths, guitar, tank drum
    Wolfgang Gsell: additional synths on track 3
    Martin Neuhold
    Release Year: 2017
    Album Type:
    Digital / Download
    Creative Commons
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Aural Films
    Catalog Number(s):
    San Francisco, CA, USA
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