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fade - metlay!

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There are many Metlays, all descended from a single immigrant family that came to New York 100 years ago after being given an Ellis Island surname-of-convenience...

But there is only one metlay!.

metlay! is Dr. Mike Metlay: electronic and experimental musician, nuclear physicist, Editor of RECORDING Magazine (recordingmag.com), owner of the now-retired Atomic City label, organizer of other musicians into festivals and events of all kinds, virtual performer in Second Life (secondlife.com) under the avatar name Spiral Sands, husband, father, and good-natured lunatic.

You can delve deeper into his odd philosophies, humorous asides, music (free and otherwise), demented history, and uncertain future, at mrspiral.com.

Mike's preference for playing music with others over doing solo work is well-known; as a result, in contrast to dozens of group releases -- with mindSpiral, Team Metlay, Different Skies, Labrathisattva / Zen Rat, Infinity Sideways, wonderVu, and many others -- Fade is only his seventh solo release in 30-plus years of musicmaking.

As is the case with some of his other solo records (e.g. After Silence and Metric), Fade represents the demonstration of a particular working method that Mike has found creatively rewarding. Rather than describe the method here and invite debate over its merits or drawbacks, we merely present Fade as it is: six tracks of somber beauty, driving energy, meditative repose, and soaring triumph.

"...but is there a place for the one who holds his dream in the palm of his hand?"

Track Listings:
    1. fade to white (glimpse) 05:14
    2. fade to silver 11:49
    3. fade to purple 14:34
    4. fade to blue (live edit) 11:09
    5. fade to green 10:00
    6. fade to gold 13:05
Artist Name(s):
Release Year: 2016
Drone, Space Rock, Symphonic
Album Type:
Compact Disc, Digital / Download
Cover & Packge Design:
Creative Commons
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Aural Films
Catalog Number(s):
AF0166, AFCD033
San Francisco, CA, USA
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