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    An amoeba is a type of cell or organism which has the ability to alter its shape, primarily by extending and retracting pseudopods. Amoebas do not form a single taxonomic group; instead, they are found in every major lineage of eukaryotic organisms. Amoeboid cells occur not only among the protozoa, but also in fungi, algae, and animals.
    Microbiologists often use the terms "amoeboid" and "amoeba" interchangeably for any organism that exhibits amoeboid movement.

    In older classification systems, most amoebas were placed in the class or subphylum Sarcodina, a grouping of single-celled organisms that possess pseudopods or move by protoplasmic flow. However, molecular phylogenetic studies have shown that Sarcodina is not a monophyletic group whose members share common descent.

    Consequently, amoeboid organisms are no longer classified together in one group.
    Track Listings:
    1. Amoeba 1 12:00
    2. Amoeba 2 12:08
    3. Amoeba 3 12:02
    4. Amoeba 4 12:02
    Artist Name(s):
    M.NOMIZED : Synthesizers, Loops, Treatments, Reversed Sounds, Soundscapes, Percussion, Sampler.
    MARCO LUCCHI : Synth (Emu Proteus), Mellotron, Celesta.

    Tracks 01 and 02 composed and played by M.Nomized.
    Recorded at Fraction Studio.
    Tracks 03 and 04 composed and played by Marco Lucchi.
    Recorded at home.
    Fraction Studio
    Release Year: 2016
    Ambient, Dark, Drone
    Album Type:
    Cassette, Digital / Download
    Cover & Packge Design:
    Engineer(s): M.Nomized & Marco Lucchi
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Melun (France)
    Fraction Studio
    Fraction Studio
    Editions / Reissues
    1. Reissue in 2017 on K7 format by Celldeath Records (Usa)
    2. https://celldeathtapes.bandcamp.com/album/amoeba
    Synthesizers Used
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