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M​.​NOMIZED - No Human's Land

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    " In World War I, no man's land often ranged from several hundred yards to in some cases less than 10 yards. Heavily defended by machine guns, mortars, artillery and riflemen on both sides, it was often riddled with barbed wire and rudimentary improvised land mines, as well as corpses and wounded soldiers who were not able to make it across the sea of explosions and fire. The area was usually devastated by the warfare, carnage and remains of the artillery. It was open to fire from the opposing trenches and hard going generally slowed down any attempted advance. However, not only were soldiers forced to cross no man's land when advancing, and as the case might be when retreating, but after an attack the stretcher bearers would need to go out into it to bring in the wounded. No man's land remained a regular feature of the battlefield until near the end of World War I, when mechanized weapons (ie. tanks) made entrenched lines less of an obstacle. "
    Track Listings:
    1. The Trenches 04:16
    2. Fighting At The Top 06:12
    3. Between The Lines 04:36
    4. The Curved Hill 05:52
    5. Carnage And Remains 05:36
    6. At Close Range 05:32
    7. The Sacrifice 05:10
    8. On Both Sides 05:36
    Artist Name(s):
    M.NOMIZED: Synthesizers, Treatments, Electric Guitar, Loops, Dronescapes, Reversed Sounds.
    Music composed and played by M.Nomized.
    Recorded, mixed and mastered at Fraction Studio.
    Infos about M.Nomized here:
    You can download a bonus unpublished track here:
    Fraction Studio
    Release Year: 2015
    Ambient, Dark, Drone
    Album Type:
    Digital / Download
    Cover & Packge Design:
    Engineer(s): M.Nomized
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Catalog Number(s):
    Melun (France)
    Fraction Studio
    Fraction Studio
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