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Microflora by Jack Hertz

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An ode to the moss, lichen and algae of this and other worlds; Microflora is Jack's first cassette release since 1993. I was drawn to Jack's compositions after observing him perform on a radio program a few years ago. Jack's conscious and active involvement in the process of generating ambient sound-spaces, is refreshing and stimulating, and lends a narrative quality to the work. The title of Jack's own small record publishing label, "Aural Films", suggests the focus of his audio works, which are cinematic in their approach to composition and performance. For the listener, Jack's work is like watching a film with one's ears. This is also why I reached out to Mea to provide the striking and equally narrative visuals for this album. So, with the synthesis of Jack's audio journey and Mea's inspiring visual prompt, follow these artists into a realm where living structures, normally obscured beyond the curtain of micro-scale, emerge as landscape and architecture for the wandering and questing listener...

Track Listings:
    1. Side 1 19:16
    2. Side 2 19:50
Artist Name(s):
Jack Hertz: Programming, Composition, Music Production
Mea Adoryanti: Cover Artwork
Ian Webb: Text, Layout, Material Production
Release Year: 2020
Ambient, Electroacoustic, Minimal, Soundtrack
Album Type:
Cassette, Digital / Download
Cover & Packge Design:
Mea Adoryanti:
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
San Jose, California
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This is very nice...and relaxing as well. I am not so familiar with Jack's work, but it seems that many of us have taken a break from publishing music at some time or another. If the cassette version wasn't SOLD OUT, I believe I would have ordered one. There are so many interesting things on this site, and I am anxious to check out more of Jack's work. Excellent recording!

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