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Mirrors to the Bonfire

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Mirrors to the Bonfire, the latest collaboration from the critically acclaimed duo of onewayness (Adam Holquist/Erie, PA) and dRachEmUsiK (Charles Shriner/Indianapolis, IN), replaces the exuberance and emotional optimism of their last full-length, 2014’s Immeasurable, with emotional ambiguity and complexity, swapping comfort and joy for unsettling, but ultimately rewarding, drama and melancholy.
Mirrors to the Bonfire is a series of meditations on human feedback and the powers of interpersonal interaction. The three long tracks sculpt a polished narrative of conflict and resolution that cycles in and out of warm nostalgia and dark, uncharted territory. Dark analog drones and electroacoustic concrète clatter give way to extended melodic duo explorations for acoustic guitar & electronic wind instrument.

Track Listings:
    1. Your Invisible Power 24:26
    2. Mirrors to the Bonfire I 19:04
    3. Mirrors to the Bonfire II 19:56
Total Time: 01:03:26
Artist Name(s):
onewayness + dRachEmUsiK
Release Year: 2016
Ambient, Experimental
Album Type:
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
MCSD NetLabel and onomastic
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