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Egyptrixx - Pure, Beyond Reproach

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Vogue, energetic, prepossessed, new...that’s you. Bonaface give me ingenue. Trill, lithe, that’s what you do...baby how strong are we?
What would you say, what wouldn’t you do for the crew?

Pure, Beyond Reproach is the new studio album from vibrational club artist Egyptrixx. New sensations + new energy; jeep music for a saturn moon. An exercise in physical sound and granular symbolism, this record suggests a parallel between the total impact of human tendency towards absolute loyalty and an imagined, sub-threshold percussion of collisions among all the oceanic micro-plastics.

The aesthetic is pacific litter clank; chill torrents and artificial triumphalism...actual glow. Repetition apes tidal energy, a reminder of the revolutionary capability of sound. splashing, pounding, dripping, phasing. Glinted piles of shatter swept back and forth - crystal ammunition // liquid contemplation. Anodyne ammo mimics the erasure of ethics via dispersion, backlit by the low key petroleum tangle of

Track Listings:
    1.Lake of Contemplation, Pool of Fundamental Bond 05:22
    2. We Can Be Concrete 04:05
    3.Show Me How To Live 05:54
    4.Pure, Beyond Reproach 04:20
    5.VEPN 02:21
    6.Plastic Pebble [beat] 03:59
    7.Anything U Say, Everything U Do 04:20
    8.Anodyne Wants 2 Ammo 04:05
    9.Baby How Strong Are We 02:31
    10.Ti Exactamundo 04:17
Artist Name(s):
David Psutka
David Psutka
Release Year: 2017
Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Album Type:
Digital / Download, LP 33 1/3
Cover & Packge Design:
ANF and design by Olenka Szymonski
Mastering: Sam John
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Halocline Trance
Catalog Number(s):
Toronto, Ontario
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