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Slow Mission In Space

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The project of the Moscow musician and multi-instrumentalist LFK Kirill (Kirill Alexandrov) combines ambient and digital sound processing of exotic wind instruments (including didgeridoo) and percussion. Since the early 2000s, LFK Kirill has been exploring sound in the spirit of Jon Hassel, Nana Vasconcelos and David Hudson, mixing ambient, processed live sound effects and samples of primitive tribes. AmazonWatcher leads the listener on a leisurely and serious eco-tribal ambient journey.

Track Listings:
    01. Above The Planet (4:07)
    02. Radio Satelites (6:06)
    03. Hubble Telescope (3:49)
    04. Way To The Orbit (3:47)
    05. New Planets (6:29)
    06. Difting In Sleep (3:59)
    07. Another Galaxy (12:20)
    08. Earth Is Your Home (15:10)
    09. Sleep Of The Jungle (3:26)
    10. Asteroids (5:29)
Total Time: 64:47
Artist Name(s):
Amazon Watcher
Release Year: 2018
Album Type:
Digital / Download
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
45 Echoes Sounds
Catalog Number(s):
Moscow, Russia
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