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Brian Eno - The Shutov Assembly

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The Shutov Assembly is the thirteenth solo studio album by British musician Brian Eno, released on 10 November 1992 on Warner.

The album is dedicated to Russian artist Sergei Shutov, and was created as an assembly of tracks for him, as he had mentioned to Eno the difficulty he had of getting Eno's music in the then-communist Russia.

“Shutov is a Russian painter who I know in Moscow, and a while ago he gave me a painting as a present. He uses my music in his studio a lot; he's got a little blaster there, and plays my music as he's working. So I thought I’d put together a tape for him of unreleased pieces from the past few years. I kept a copy of the tape, and when I started playing it I started to enjoy it and see a thread running through the pieces that I hadn't really seen before. They’d never been put together before, you see.

On the rear cover of the CD, the ten tracks of nine letters are arranged in a grid as seen in a word search puzzle. This appears to reflect Eno's known affinity for word games, but there is a purely coincidental reason for why they are so titled.

The album's Rykodisc entry describes it as "a journey through Eno's sumptuous audio-visual installations from around the world, each track touching down on a particular event and atmosphere.

Talking to Mojo magazine in 1998, Eno explained that The Shutov Assembly tracks "were originally proposals for orchestral pieces; what I wanted to do was make them, using my normal tricks and devices, and then present them to an orchestra and ask them to try and copy them accurately – so if this sound goes "dnnngeeeee", you might need to have a damped tubular bell and a violin player working together to make that one sound. I thought it would be an interesting way to use an orchestra, to force it to use its instruments in a different way". The Netherlands Metropole Orkest played two performances of the music in June 1999 at the Holland Festival, which ran from 5 to 26 June in Amsterdam, the first of which was broadcast live on Dutch radio.

Though the music can certainly be classified amongst his other ambient works, most of the compositions have a certain "dark" feel to them. In an interview, Eno said "it's the association with danger that I didn't use to like, and it's exactly that, what I do like now". He described The Shutov Assembly as "sort of the out-of-town version of it, the outside-the-city-limits version of danger".

Track Listings:
    "Triennale" – 4:02
    "Alhondiga" – 3:16
    "Markgraph" – 3:39
    "Lanzarote" – 8:37
    "Francisco" – 4:44
    "Riverside" – 3:50
    "Innocenti" – 4:19
    "Stedelijk" – 5:26
    "Ikebukuro" – 16:05
    "Cavallino" – 3:06
Total Time: 57:04
Artist Name(s):
Brian Eno - Dx7, all instruments
Release Year: 1992
Album Type:
Compact Disc
Studio Name:
The Wilderness Studio
Engineer(s): Tony Cousins
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Opal Records,Warner Bros.Records
Catalog Number(s):
9 45010-2
Woodbridge, UK
Editions / Reissues
  1. Opal Records, Warner Bros. Records 9 45010-2 US 1992
  2. Opal Records, Warner Bros. Records WPCP-4997 Japan 1992
  3. Opal Records, Warner Bros. Records 9362-45010-2 Europe 1992
  4. Opal Records, Warner Bros. Records 9362-45010-4 Europe 1992
  5. Opal Records, Warner Bros. Records 9 45010-4 US 1992
  6. Opal Records, Warner Bros. Records 9362-45010-1 Europe 1992
  7. All Saints, Hannibal Records HNCD1478ADV UK 2004
  8. Beat Records, Opal Records, All Saints BRC-102 Japan 2004
  9. All Saints ASCDA42 UK 2004
  10. All Saints HNCD1478 2004
  11. Hannibal Records, All Saints HNCD 1478 US 2004
  12. All Saints WAST032LP Europe 2014
  13. All Saints, Beat Records WAST032CD, BRAS032 Japan 2014
  14. All Saints WAST032CD UK & Europe 2014
  15. ArsNova, Opal Records (3), Warner Bros. Records (2) AN-2102, none Russia Unknown
Synthesizers Used
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