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Ambient Occlusion - Robert Schroeder

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German EM artist Robert Schroeder has finished his new CD-album Ambient Occlusion after three month of production. The 69 minutes lasting work provides very experimental and "electronic" Music. For Robert this is one further milestone on his way back to the roots of EM.

Surprising effects, sharp contrasts, spherical excursions, extraordinary sequencer arrangements, new sound effects, dreamy, playful, exciting and very varying ... these are the ingredients of the new CD Ambient Occlusion, which apparently of course show Robert's facilities and sometimes you will be captured by the atmospheres of the early 80s. Schroeder's music is incomparable and unique. It combines very spherical and surrealistic elements with beautiful concrete catchy melodies.

EM pioneer Klaus Schulze said once to the music of Robert : "If there is any contemporary romantic music, it's of Robert Schroeder ." Robert sees this claim in his new album Ambient Occlusion quite confirmed.

Ambient Occlusion is a term from the world of 3D animation and refers to the dark areas on the edge of all objects that meet with another object. More than the aura of an object to understand as a shadow.

Release in May, 20, 2016, of course, on the German electronic label Spheric Music. Lambert Ringlage (owner of Spheric Music label) comments this new CD so: " one of the most relaxing and atmospheric albums that Robert has ever produced."

Track Listings:
    1. Palpitation 8:52
    2. Gravity 6:37
    3. Rigid Body World 8:20
    4. Ambient Occlusion 9:19
    5. Motion Blur 5:49
    6. Operating Systems 10:19
    7. Live In Harmony 6:51
    8. Meditation 6:00
    9. Smthng. Happened 6:53
Total Time: 69:00
Artist Name(s):
Robert Schroeder
Robert Schroeder
Release Year: 2016
Ambient, Classical, Progressive
Album Type:
Compact Disc, Digital / Download
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Spheric Music
Catalog Number(s):
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