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Astronauts 3 by Phrozenlight

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    The exploration of the Universe has been a great inspiration for electronic music artists from the beginning of the Space-Age into the present. Aural Films is commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon landing with a new on-going series featuring collections by Space Music artists from around the world.

    Volume 3 continues with a collection of music from ever prolific Netherlands Electronic Music artist, Phrozenlight.
    Track Listings:
    1. 2000 - Moondawn On Speed (The Beginning) 07:30
    2. 2001 - Dying Universe (Dying Universe) 13:04
    3. 2002 - Dark Sun (Year 2002) 10:22
    4. 2005 - Last Phase Of The Moon (Moon) 17:15
    5. 2007 - Driftin between Starsystems (Driftin between Starsystems) 30:46
    6. 2011 - Finally Cooling Down After Some Solar Eruption (Galactic Wanderer) 16:44
    7. 2011 - Galactic Report (Romance In Space) 16:44
    8. 2016 - Interstellar Romance (Astral Sky) 18:00
    9. 2016 - A Dark Night With A Full Moon (Vampira) 15:42
    10. 2019 - Vult Drone (unreleased) 07:42
    Artist Name(s):
    Release Year: 2019
    Ambient, Berlin, Progressive, Space Rock
    Album Type:
    Compilation, Studio
    Compact Disc, Digital / Download
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Aural Films
    Catalog Number(s):
    San Francisco, CA
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