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Music almost in the stile of "Berlin School". Produced with a handfull of VST-Plugins, Notebook and my Masterkeyboard Casio CZ-3000. Remastered with 24 bits.

Track Listings:
    1. Tangerine 08:40
    2. Phase REM 23:22
    3. A Bit Dangerous 08:29
    4. Highnoon 09:36
    5.Continuous 11:20
    6.Wide Dream 05:54
Total Time: 01:07:21
Artist Name(s):
Kellerkind Berlin
Christian Gorsky
Release Year: 2013
Album Type:
Digital / Download
Cover & Packge Design:
Christian Gorsky
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Kissing Sounds
Catalog Number(s):
Kissing, Germany
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Jack Hertz


This is a wonderful album that brings berlin and ambient styles together in a very inviting way. Pads, sequencers, and guitars meld in a rolling tapestry of lush rhythms and evocative beats that left me wanting more.

The album opens with 'Tangerine', a solemn, yet enticing piece that calls to the listener before breaking into lovely sequences of piano, sequencer and strings.

On 'Phase REM', Kellerkind Berlin shows us he can handle long form tracks quite well with sequenced bass and synth pads to carry us off to REM cycle on a cloud of sparkling chords.

'A Bit Dangerous' is an adventurous piece moving between up-tempo percussion layered with pulsing arps, and more ambient passages as if we are moving over changing terrains.

Tight drums, sequencers and piano leads are on the menu at 'Highnoon'. A wonderful mix of harmonies and sparse drum patterns keeps the ears locked on the signals.

'Continuous' is a fun track with a quirky feeling that is inventive and playful with a nice pulsing beat.

The album closes with my favorite cut, the somewhat ominous 'Wide Dream'. An intricate composition that intertwines several elements that evolve through out the piece, yet remain complementary and enticing to the listener.

I am so glad Kellerkind Berlin chose to re-remaster "Dreams" to share it with us. Highly recommended listening for fans of more laid back Berlin style electronic music.

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