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Hagen's Delight - Christian Fiesel

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    Hagen’s Delight is a lot and yet one thing: Electronic experimental music as a double album.

    Dark sounds, little rhythm, the soundtrack for a gloomy apocalyptic or a creepy film.

    But Hagen's Delight is also an album of its time, influenced by the (not only) musical tides at the time of the creation in 2015/2016. It is full of Mellotron choirs, full of stumbling sequences, guitar playing and extremely challenging structures.

    Each song of this album carries a message and every song should be heard a s whole. This music does not work as a 30 second snippet. Technically, this release differs from many others.

    This is a “real” (i.e. industrially manufactured) CD. No download, no CDr - unique music also needs a corresponding framework.

    An acoustic journey through the darkness of a long night into which the world has moved. The album is also a statement, is also a bit far political.
    Track Listings:
    CD 1

    1. Bell's Call (4:13)
    2. Darkness Rising (7:30)
    3. Nightprogram (12:05)
    4. Out Of The Spheres (6:01)
    5. Rusty Nail (5:18)
    6. Say Goodbye To Yesterday (9:56)
    7. Don't Surrender To Hate (3:02)
    8. The Long Cure (25:07)

    CD 2

    1. Downwards We Go (17:36)
    2. Desert Trail (3:57)
    3. After Dallas (18:15)
    4. Shielded Transformer (4:57)
    5. Wisdom (22:27)
    6. Glass Cabinett (4:21)
    7. A Summer's Funeral (4:07)
    Artist Name(s):
    Christian Fiesel - compoed, played and arranged.
    Release Year: 2017
    Ambient, Dark, Space Rock, Symphonic
    Album Type:
    Compact Disc
    Cover & Packge Design:
    Hagen von Bergen, Amy Fiesel
    Studio Name:
    Mastering: Hagen von Bergen
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    BI-ZA records
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