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Interplanetary Ambiance - Star Sounds Orchestra - Live In London

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    Star Sounds Orchestra is a band created by Steve Schroyder and Jens Zygar. Steve Schroyder was a member of Tangerine Dream and recorded the album Alpha Centauri with them. Star Sounds Orchestra music unites state of the art-electronica with analog acoustics in combination with the concepts of the cosmic octave. This special science deals with the insights of sphere harmonics as they have been presented by the harmonic master Hans Cousto. His book "The Origin of Harmony" is one of the - if not the most essential publication on the topic "holistic sound-effects on body, mind and soul".

    The music of these two CDs is a complete musical journey through the planetary tunnings of our solar system. Due to calculations of the Cosmic Octave, every planet holds its own specific frequency, rhythm and colour. Using these aspects acurately, the music of S.S.O. reflects planetary images, ancient sounds, virtual acoustics and creates ambient adventures with the planets of our universe.
    Track Listings:
    D1: The Visible Sight

    1.1 Moon 210,42 Hz - 98,6 Bpm - Orange
    1.2 Mercury 141,27 Hz - 132,4 Bpm - Blue
    1.3 Venus 221,23 Hz - 103,7 Bpm - Yellow Orange
    1.4 Moon - 210,42 Hz - 98,6 Bpm - Orange
    1.5 Inter Planetary Ambience No. 1
    1.6 Mars 144,72 Hz - 135,6 Bpm - Blue
    1.7 Jupiter 183,58 Hz - 86,1 Bpm - Purple Red
    1.8 Mars (Geocentric) 127,5 Hz - 120 Bpm - Green
    1.9 Open Planetary Tunning - 152 Bpm

    D2: The Invisible Sight

    2.1 Inter Planetary Ambience No. 2
    2.2 Saturn 147,85 Hz - 69 Bpm - Blue
    2.3 Uranus 207,36 Hz - 97,2 Bpm - Orange
    2.4 Neptune 211,44 Hz - 99,2 Bpm - Orange
    2.5 Pluto 140,25 Hz - 131,5 Bpm - Blue
    2.6 Sun 126,22 Hz - 118,3 Bpm - Green
    2.7 Earth Year 136,1 Hz - 63,8 Bpm - Blue
    Artist Name(s):
    Steve Schroyder, Jens Zagar
    Release Year: 1995
    Ambient, Berlin, Space Rock
    Album Type:
    Compact Disc
    Studio Name:
    OXO-Studio, Freiburg, Love Chocolate's Studio, London
    Mastering: Gerold Wagner
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    i.t.p. recordings
    Catalog Number(s):
    AEOS 001CD
    London, UK
    Synthesizers Used
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