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Irrlicht - Klaus Schulze

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Irrlicht is the first album by Klaus Schulze. Originally released in 1972, in 2006 it was the sixteenth Schulze album reissued by Revisited Records as part of a series of Schulze album reissues. Recorded without a synthesizer, Irrlicht's set of "early organ drone experiments" is "not exactly the music for which KS got famous".

The album's complete title is: Irrlicht: Quadrophonische Symphonie für Orchester und E-Maschinen (German: "Will-o'-the-wisp: Quadraphonic Symphony for Orchestra and Electronic Machines"). Its atmospheric drone music tone is similar to Tangerine Dream's album Zeit (released the same month) as it stemmed from a common idea that Schulze and Froese couldn't agree on and parted ways over.[citation needed]

In 2005, Schulze said, "Irrlicht still has more connections to Musique concrète than with today's electronics. I still never owned a synthesiser at the time."[3] Schulze mainly used a broken and modified electric organ, a recording of a classical orchestra rehearsal played backward, and a damaged amplifier to filter and alter sounds that he mixed on tape into a three-movement symphony.

Irrlicht, despite its highly unconventional nature, was originally released on the prestigious Krautrock label Ohr. Because Schulze was signed to them while a member of Tangerine Dream, the label asserted that his solo album belonged to them too. Schulze's reaction was, "I was just glad that Irrlicht was released at all. Any other company would have probably turned me away with this record."

Track Listings:
    1. Satz: Ebene 23:23
    2. Satz: Gewitter (energy rise—energy collaps) 5:39
    3. Satz: Exil Sils Maria 21:25
    4.Dungeon (reissue bonus track) 24:00
Total Time: 50:27 (original) 74:27 (2006 reissue)
Artist Name(s):
Klaus Schulze - E-machines", organ, guitar, percussion, zither, voice
Colloquium Musica Orchestra
Klaus Schulze
Release Year: 1972
Ambient, Drone
Album Type:
Cassette, Compact Disc, LP 33 1/3
Cover & Packge Design:
Klaus Schulze
Mastering: Klaus Schulze
Engineer(s): Klaus Schulze
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Ohr, Brain
Catalog Number(s):
OMM 556 022, BRAIN 1077
Ohr/Metronome Records GmbH
Editions / Reissues
  1. Ohr, Ohr OMM 556 022, OMM 556.022 Germany 1972
  2. Clementine Disques CLE 33005 France 1972
  3. PDU, Die Kosmischen Kuriere, Ohr Pld. SQ 5095 Italy 1972
  4. BRAIN 1077, brain 1077 Germany 1975
  5. Isadora, RCA ISAK 9004, none France 1976
  6. Isadora, Clementine Productions ISA 9004 France 1976
  7. Ariola 27 582 ET Benelux 1976
  8. Brain 0001.077, BRAIN 1077 Germany 1977
  9. Brain SUX-157-EB Japan 1979
  10. Brain, Polystar 22S-37 Japan 1981
  11. A.V.I. CD 2001 France 1986
  12. Brain 833 127-2 Germany 1986
  13. Thunderbolt, The Magnum Music Group CDTB 133 UK 1991
  14. POCP-2401 Japan 1995
  15. Spalax Music 14921 France 1995
  16. Magnum America MACD 047 US 1996
  17. Thunderbolt CDTB 133 UK 1996
  18. Media Records CDMR 2139/M3-97 386797 Russia 1997
  19. Spalax Music LP 14121 France 1997
  20. Landy Star Music LSM-2340/02 Russia 2002
  21. Belle Antique, Revisited Rec. MAR 061141, REV 046 Japan 2006
  22. Revisited Rec. REV 046 Germany 2006
  23. Arcàngelo ARC-7263 Japan 2007
  24. Music On CD MOCCD 13192 Europe 2014
  25. MIG MIG 01482 CD Germany 2016
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