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JIHEL - The Zinovieff Synthdrome

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    The idea of making an album in an "old school electronic" spirit with only one venerable EMS VCS3 had been tempting me for years. But I wanted to push the concept further by rebuilding a 70's home-studio, deliberately limiting the technical possibilities.

    If I easily found the VCS3 and the tape recorders, borrowed from "old" friends, the effects I wanted were harder to find. After a few weeks of searches, a London collector, friend of an "old" friend, sent me the machines I was looking for.

    It was a real pleasure to do "The Zinovieff Synthdrome", with the strong impression of a "return to the past"...

    Album recorded in June and July 2018 at Studio du Coin Cornu, Ville des Carnutes, France.

    Digital transfer and mastering at Scoz, Cœur de Beauce, France.

    Photos and photo-montages by Ironside.

    Sleeve design by Graph'Hypnotic.

    Many thanks to David (VCS3 + KS), Alan (FX devices), Dieter (Teac devices), and Thomas (Revox).

    The 70's home-studio :

    - 1972 EMS KS keyboard

    - 1973 EMS VCS3 Mk2

    - 1972 Quad-Eight RV10 spring reverb

    - 1974 Wem Watkins Copicat tape echo

    - 1972 Teac A-3340 4 tracks recorder

    - 1974 Teac Model 2 6-2 mixer

    - 1971 Revox A77 Mk2 2 tracks recorder.

    [ berlin school electronic, ambient, drones, experimental, old school electronic, synth music ]

    Track Listings:
    1. Hypnosis Print Part I (03:50)
    2. Orbital Dust (06:28)
    3. Hypnosis Print Part II (06:16)
    4. On the Threshold of Sleep (05:25)
    5. Technovieff Mechanisms (04:31)
    6. Random Stasis in DNA Profiling (08:12)
    7. Technovieff Oscillations (04:30)
    8. Putney Bridge at Night (03:10)
    9. Orbital Remains (bonus track - 03:44)
    10. Unstable Hypnosis (bonus track - 03:49)
    Artist Name(s):
    Release Year: 2018
    Ambient, Berlin, Drone, Experimental, Minimal, Techno
    Album Type:
    Digital / Download
    Cover & Packge Design:
    Ironside & Graph'Hypnotic
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Murmure Intemporel
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