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Kosmicheskoye Tango

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Kosmicheskoye Tango is a collaboration between Adrian Earnshaw and Benedict Roff-Marsh. If you are a fan of Berlin School (Tangerine Dream, Michael Hoenig, Adelbert Von Deyen, etc.) then you will probably like this album.

Adrian Earnshaw: composer, synths, Cubase10, videos
Benedict Roff-Marsh: composer, synths, mixing, Reason 11

Benedict says:
I have known Adrian for a while on & off over the internet for many years. I saw he was looking to work with others and his style is complementary to mine, so I reached out. We tried a track and a few days later “Memories of Cultures” was there. We both liked the experience and results enough to commit to a whole album. Adrian sent over the initial idea/s and I fleshed them out with more melodies, parts, etc. Once we both felt happy with the track, I mixed what we had which was usually a mixture of sounds from Adrian and myself.

The album title comes from the track name which translated back from Russian to Cosmic Tango. It sounds more exotic in Russian. I made the cover once we had all the tracks and rather than doing the expected Berlin School thing of a spacey photo with titles, I decided to represent the meta-story of how the album was made. It was a “foreign correspondent” feel of Adrian & I sharing our stories through the mail – hence the Russian space stamps & grubby fingerprints.

Track Listings:
    1. Magnetic Universe 6:29
    2. Memories of Cultures 8:43
    3. Kosmicheskoye Tango 5:18
    4. Mystery Star 6:09
    5. Oceans of Enceladus 9:06
    6. Crater Sunrise 6:32
Total Time: 42:18
Artist Name(s):
Adrian Earnshaw & Benedict Roff-Marsh
Benedict Roff-Marsh
Release Year: 2019
Ambient, Berlin
Album Type:
Digital / Download
Cover & Packge Design:
Benedict Roff-Marsh
Engineer(s): Benedict Roff-Marsh
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
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