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Klaus Schulze ...Live...

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    …Live… is the twelfth album by Klaus Schulze. It was originally released in 1980, and in 2007 was the twenty-sixth Schulze album reissued by Revisited Records. The album contains recordings from concerts in Berlin in 1976 (according to record sleeve, but may actually be a studio recording from 1977[citation needed]), and Amsterdam and Paris in 1979. The CD version of "Sense" has been extended from the original LP and now includes a lengthy introduction which did not feature in the original release. "Dymagic" includes a vocal performance by Arthur Brown, similar to the one found on Dune, the last studio album before the tour.

    "These present recordings were intentionally done without the use of conventional display of 24 or 48-track mobile recording studios.
    These recordings are not polished or filled up, they are genuine, with the exception of a dispensable cutting to record length. Some noise and acoustic properties of the venues belong to any live-situation. Maybe some of you will recognize their voices. This is my first and last live-album, a survey. My music and I leave to other directions. This is not a Goodbye, rather a Hello, the start of a new music of the future, which will guide me to the unknown. Many thanks to all who came to my concerts."

    See you
    Klaus Schulze
    Track Listings:
    1 : Bellistique 21:20
    Sense 51:00
    2 : Heart 30:53
    Dymagic 29:21
    Le Mans au premier 17:58 (Bonus Track)
    Total Time: 132:34 (original) 150:43 (reissue)
    Artist Name(s):
    Klaus Schulze
    Klaus Schulze
    Release Year: 1980
    Ambient, Berlin, Experimental
    Album Type:
    Cassette, Compact Disc, LP 33 1/3
    Cover & Packge Design:
    Frederic Pauchot
    Engineer(s): Herr Schmitt, KDM
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Catalog Number(s):
    Berlin and Paris
    ℗ 1980 Metronome GmbH
    Editions / Reissues
    1. MRCD 7008 Germany Unknown
    2. Arcàngelo ARC-7279/80 Japan 2008
    3. Brain 068.048 Germany 1980
    4. Revisited Rec. REV 076 Germany 2007
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