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Looking Past Lives-20th Anniversary - Jon Johnson

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The second album released by Jon Johnson in 1996. Now in it's 20th Anniversary Re-Issue. At this point Johnson had gotten a handle on what he was doing in these early days of home CD recording and Internet DIY-Music Marketing. Many ideas were reworked into functioning songs of the Berlin School EM & New Age genres. Some pieces were influenced by Ninja Tunes and Ambient-Smooth Jazz. Many of the themes of the music were about World events and personal experiences.It was another learning album which is now commonplace to wear different hats in the biz. From musician to producer to manager to marketer.Technical prowess and over tinkering took impact out of some of the music. 3 tracks stood out among fans and colleagues of this album. Song For Jerry Garcia, Laire Of Poseidon, and the title track express the second stepping stone towards Johnson's musical path.

Track Listings:
    1.Linear Avenues 07:17
    2.Desperate Days 05:14
    3.Joy Of Silicon 08:27
    4.Looking Past Lives 02:01
    5.Song For Jerry Garcia 05:08
    6.Laire Of Poesidon 08:33
    7.Secret Place 06:17
Total Time: 42:17
Artist Name(s):
Jon Johnson
Kaptan karl
Release Year: 1996
Ambient, Jazz, Progressive
Album Type:
Compact Disc
Cover & Packge Design:
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
DuckWave Records
Catalog Number(s):
Damascus, MD USA
Editions / Reissues
  1. <li>2009 - Slammed - remixed and re-released from Howards Chapel Studios July 2009.</li>
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