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Luna Africana by Clara Mondshine

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    CLARA MONDSHINE is a musical project of the late radio director, journalist and composer Walter Bachauer who for example used to work for RIAS Berlin in the 70s and 80s. Mr. Bachauer has also been involved as musician in Projects with electronic artist Peter Michael Hamel and kraut rock act BETWEEN back in the 70s. With CLARA MONDSHINE he was able to score three albums before his untimely passing in 1989 of which “Luna Africana” is the first from 1981 and it fits exactly into that era when the sluggish grinding of the early epic “cosmic music” had finally completely vanished and a new peppy drive could be felt with the spacious soundscapes of electronic music. Still rather low-fi with primitive machine grooves and swirling waves of analogue synthesizers to which some hypnotic drones were tastefully added, this music has learned a lot from the grand masters of the 70s and especially the so called “motorik” style of krautish electronics with rather simple melodic patterns and a very rhythmical approach with all those layers of pulses and drones piled upon repetitive structures to gain an effect on you as the listener which sets you into a state of trance. This music is quite imaginative and picturesque and the trip it will take you on leads you through a dark galaxy where only the starlight guides your vessel. Quite a typical example for the later krautish electronics and certainly a must have for fans of ENO / HARMONIA collaborations, CLUSTER “Zuckerzeit” and other similar “motorik” electronic albums. It also has a KRAFTWERK feel just without the vocals of course. Now this long hidden secret gem is unveiled for your stellar listening pleasure. But beware for some of you might get lost in the depth of outer space.
    Track Listings:
    Side A
    1 Die Drachentrommler 6:05
    (Dragon Drummers)
    2 Lange Melodie Für Den Countdown 5:21
    (Long Melody Towards Countdown)
    3 Fischer Des Meeres Der Stille 4:46
    (Fishermen Of The Silent Sea)

    Side B
    1 Landung Bei Vollmond 3:56
    (Landing At Full Moon)
    2 Raga Des Aufgehenden Planeten 8:26
    (Raga Of The Rising Planet)
    3 Amazonenharfe 4:32
    (Harp Of The Amazons)
    Artist Name(s):
    Clara Mondshine - Keyboards, Arranged, Composed, Mixed
    Sloto Olatunye - Bubble Drums, Melomanica, Sirophon
    Hiriko Mikata - Biwanga, Dragonvoices, Kotondo
    Ustad Jussuf Bunjeroo - Tabla, Sitar, Synthesizer
    Joe "Dum-Dum" Loevenstone - Mondoboe, Ritual Percussion
    Marie de Sevigne - Large Gongs
    Venus Dupont - Small Gongs
    Katarina Nevaseynewa - Soft Drone Instruments
    Klaus Schulze
    Release Year: 1981
    Ambient, Dark, Industrial, Minimal
    Album Type:
    LP 33 1/3
    Studio Name:
    Belle Epoque Studio
    Mastering: G. F. Pfanz, Tonstudio Pfanz
    Engineer(s): Klaus Schulze
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Innovative Communications
    Catalog Number(s):
    KS 80 009
    Berlin, Germany
    P.O.E.M. Musikverlag
    Deutsche Austrophon GmbH
    Editions / Reissues
    1. 1981 - Luna Africana ‎(LP, Album, Promo, TP) Innovative Communication KS 80 009 Germany
    2. 1981 - Luna Africana ‎(LP) Base Record KS 80 009 Italy
    3. 2015 - Luna Africana ‎(LP, Album, RE, Unofficial) Fifth Dimension (2) FD5005-LP Germany
    4. 2015 - Luna Africana ‎(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Fifth Dimension (2) FD5005-CD Germany
    5. 2017 - Luna Africana ‎(LP, Album, RE, Unofficial) The Great Thunder TGT432 Europe
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