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Clara Mondshine - Memorymetropolis

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    The second of three albums that Clara Mondshine released and mastered by Klaus Schule's Innovative Communications label in 1983. Clara Mondshine's real name was Walter Bachauer. Bachauer was no stranger to the Berlin scene. In 1974-1978 he helped organize the META Music Festivals and also worked at the radio station RIAS also in Berlin

    With Memorymetropolis Clara Mondshine lets loose upon the audio spectrum a different take on the "Berlin Shool" sound. With just six tracks the album explores sequencer driven territory that departs somewhat from the defacto repetitive sequencer sound of 1970's synthesizer music to more ethereal and evolving landscapes. At times disturbing yet comfortably hypnotic. With Klaus Schulze's mastering support the sound is crisp, clear, and fresh. Like most of the IC releases. Implied high quality sound. Digital tech in it's youth.
    Track Listings:
    Caesar In Camerun 5:35
    High Moon Enters Heaven 7:20
    Metasamba 7:40
    Chipmania 3:55
    O Queen Of Saba 6:40
    Memorymetropolis 5:55
    Total Time: 34:00
    Artist Name(s):
    Clara Mondshine
    Clara Mondshine
    Release Year: 1983
    Berlin, Experimental, Progressive
    Album Type:
    LP 33 1/3
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Innovative Communication
    Catalog Number(s):
    KS 80 022
    Berlin, Germany
    P.O.E.M. Musikverlag Klaus D. Mueller, Berlin, Germany
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