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Tangerine Dream - Quantum Key EP

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The Continuation Of The Quantum Years

Quantum Key will be the vanguard of the coming Quantum Gate album which Thorsten, Ulrich and Hoshiko are currently working on.

Edgar Froese, the head and founder of Tangerine Dream, had the wonderful idea of translating the current knowledge of the quantum physics - which he was very much interested in - into sound and already started this project before his sad death in January 2015. The cupdisc MALA KUNIA was the first music out of “The Quantum Years” series which was published in November 2014 on the occasion of the MMW Festival concert in Melbourne.

It was a great fortune that Edgar still had the chance to discuss his vision with the remaining band members and that Bianca, Edgar's wife, decided to continue with Tangerine Dream. She knew that Thorsten, Ulrich and Hoshiko could face this huge challenge with their beautiful talents. At the same time this task would be a unique chance for the music coming into life. So the band continued developing these musical ideas after Edgar's sudden "change of his cosmic address" and you will have the chance now to listen to some wonderful tracks. In honor of Edgar!

Track Listings:
    01. Genesis Of Precious Thoughts 9:13
    02. Electron Bonfire 5:05
    03. Drowning In Universes 11:07
    04. Mirage Of Reality 7:25
Total Time: 33:00
Artist Name(s):
Edgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning, Ulrich Schnauss
Bianca Froese-Acquaye
Release Year: 2015
Ambient, Berlin
Album Type:
Compact Disc, Digital / Download
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Catalog Number(s):
Vienna, Austria
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Jon Johnson


Like every fan of Tangerine Dream, I was really sad to hear that Edgar Froese had died. There were indications that he was leaning towards getting affairs in order for his "change of cosmic address" at some point but for sure not as soon as it happened. Though he did have a bad accident in the Winter of 2013 that put him in the hospital with a major recovery he wasn't ready to slow down or stop. It was more about writing his book and more music to be recorded and released. His current project at the time was a new streamlined Tangerine Dream with a genuine return to an emphasis on synthesizers with new twists on their catalog. Part of that new line up included Electronic Musician Ulrich Schnauss who brings in another dimension to the band I first heard on the triple disc 2014 live tour album Supernormal Australian concerts. 

In the fall of 2015 this EP recording, featuring music from the yet to be released Quantum Gate album, was released to give fans a glimpse into what is in the making. At the time of Froese's death a lot of the music had already begun being recorded if not mapped out with the rest of the band. Edgar's idea for this project was he wanted to translate the latest knowledge of Quantum Physics into music.

Its an ongoing fan controversy on whether they should continue with the name and rightly so but to me its logical that they kept Froese's ideas going since they'd been working on it already. The results to my ears is remarkably fresh and brilliant. Modern yet nostalgic at the same time. Maybe a little darker and disturbing at times. You can hear Froese's playing and influence yet you also hear what is a new Tangerine Dream however there was an end game in place to the band before he died. The ever present pulse of sequences like in most Tangerine Dream music runs throughout but there is also nice synth washes and ambient pauses. Still other times I feel it sounds like an electronic music commentary on the state of things although its supposed to be about Quantum Physics.

I'll be looking forward to hearing the complete full album.

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