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Supernormal - The Australian Concerts 2014 - Tangerine Dream

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20.000 miles from Vienna to Down Under and return. Enjoying a marvelous calm flight with Qantas and Emirates, crossing the outback and the rainforest up to Cairns very north of Australia. Alright, TD did again one of their little adventure tours. What does this all has to do with music? All and everything, because it does reflect our state of consciousness while traveling. The band's new line-up, who gave their first concerts of 'The Quantum Years' Down Under, can be heard with the new bandmate Ulrich Schnauss. Of course it was too early to give 'The Quantum Years' musically the full speed. Also the final use of the new experimental technology, which is ready to go for Europe next year, could not have been completely set up because of some astronomical cargo costs. But please here is a little note for those fans who always want TD to invent the wheel the second time on each of their new recordings - we're still humans!

You will hear the big pipe organ of the Melbourne Town Hall played by Edgar and Thorsten, as well as some new instruments played by Hoshiko. The whole atmosphere will be different because of the new line-up, even if you will hear some of the well-known TD tunes. In addition to the two CDs containing the Melbourne Town Hall concert, you will find the third CD compiled of the best compositions played in celebration of the two 'Sorcerer' concerts performed at the ACMI Melbourne (Australian Centre For The Moving Image) in November, the most modern and soundwise really futuristic equipped cinema which exists in Australia. But that's not all.. together with the three CD Set comes a Din A4 XL Booklet (as you already know from the Phaedra Farewell Tour) which will make you a travel and concert companion during TD's visit Down Under. So join us and take a seat for a long travel to the other side of the planet earth.

Track Listings:
    CD 1:
    01. Organ Intro To Ricochet (4:24)
    02. Ricochet - Part II (5:43)
    03. Rubycon – Part I (6:20)
    04. Logos (4:56)
    05. Girl On The Stairs (4:19)
    06. Madagascar (6:24)
    07. Poland (9:22)
    08. Twilight In Abidjan (4:54)
    09. Astrophel And Stella (7:40)
    10. Aldebaran (6:53)
    11. Ancient Powerplant (4:31)
    12. Phaedra 2014 (8:23)

    CD 2:
    01. Wisdom & Tragedy (6:12)
    02. Restless Mind (5:03)
    03. Diary Of A Robbery (5:16)
    04. Center Of Now (6:29)
    05. Silver Seal (3:11)
    06. Cool Shiuya (3:57)
    07. Exit (4:27)
    08. Breath Kissing Matters Mouth (8:50)
    09. Order Of The Ginger Guild (3:56)
    10. Cinnamon Road (4:42)
    11. Organ Intro To La Folia (2:18)
    12. Arcangelo Corelli's La Folia (10:46)

    CD 3 [Best of the two 'Sorcerer' Concerts]:
    01. Introduction (1:17)
    02. Sorcerer Theme (3:42)
    03. The Call (4:29)
    04. Crash At Dawn (5:56)
    05. Impression Of Sorcerer (6:55)
    06. Grind (6:30)
    07. Creation (7:41)
    08. Journey (4:30)
    09. Approaching The Danger (5:39)
    10. Fast Ride To Disaster (6:42)
    11. Rain And Thunder (7:34)
    12. Mountain Road (5:29)
    13. Nebulous Jungle Path (7:12)
    14. Search (4:59)

Total Time: D1-73:51, D2-65:09, D3-78:37
Artist Name(s):
Edgar Froese, Peter Bauman, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling, Thorsten Quaeschning, Arcangelo Corelli
Edgar Froese
Release Year: 2015
Album Type:
Compact Disc, Digital / Download
Cover & Packge Design:
Acquaye Art, Bianca Acquaye, Ian Laidlaw
Mastering: Harald Pairits
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Catalog Number(s):
073 CD
Melbourne, Australia
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