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Robert Schroeder - Time Waves

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At the beginning of 1987 Robert Schroeder published his eighth solo album Time Waves. Described as a journey through the times of the history of electronic devices and synthesizers. Many moods describing nearly 20-years of synthesizer history. From meditation to sound collages, soft electronics and beautiful sounding synth pop rhythms.

Time Waves offers more than 60-minutes of a masterpiece, which with its idea, composition, production and sound as a reference for 1987. Time waves became the third-best album in 1987, Robert Schroeder became the second most popular artist and the song The Message for the best title and the No.1 song of the year 1987. The Message was originally not intended for an LP release, but was to be produced for a renowned entertainment producer.

Track Listings:
    1.The Turn Of A Dream 7:52
    2.Waveshape Attack 3:24
    3.Waveshape 7:55
    4.Waveshape Decay 2:49
    5.Love And Emotion 10:47
    6.The Message 18:07
    7.Imagine 4:34
    8.Flowmotion 4:50
Total Time: 60:12
Artist Name(s):
Robert Schroeder - Synthesizers
Robert Schroeder
Release Year: 1987
Berlin, Synth-Pop
Album Type:
Compact Disc, LP 33 1/3
Cover & Packge Design:
M. Nessler, Werner Inhester
Studio Name:
Newsound Studio
Mastering: Newsound Studio
Engineer(s): Robert Schroeder
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Racket Records
Catalog Number(s):
RRK 15.033
Editions / Reissues
  1. Racket Records RRK 715033, CD 715033, CD-RRK 715033, CD-RRK 7-150 Germany 1987
  2. Da Music, New Emotional Music CD 873017-2 Germany 1996
  3. News-Music CDR-12.008 Germany 2005
  4. Possum VPL1 6741 Australasia 1987
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